duminică, 16 august 2009

Post-break up disaster.


It's chaos.You know it,the same daily chaos that surrounds me when i wake up,when i slowly open my eyes and loose sleep.Messed up.The make up kit lies on the table,just like the glue i used last time when i wanted to create something real.Near these there are 3 jewels boxes full with earrings and pendants,all of them keeping my player in company.The camera is hanging pointless,full of our pictures.
Even the photos completely lost their energy,they don't shine because no one charged them. I left them.

There's a huge amount of paper sheets and books on the floor with some bloody petals on them.The flowers you brought me last time,they died.My teddies hang decapitated and mutilated by me in a moment of excessive fury.One mourns her head sitting near the couch,the other one stands still in pieces by the entrance.
The portraits have gone,i burned them down yesterday...The candles keep burning since then too,letting their wax flow like tears on the wall's cheek.I left your bracelet on the table,near your dvds. Yes,those ones you forgot here.It's stupid. I'm still hoping you'll come get them so i can see you again.
I'm laying in this disastrous landscape too.You'll see me stretched on the sofa,reading all the word you written to me. You left me.

I let them fall while I'm drowning slowly in another dimension.I can't open my eyes,they're bothered by the candles' light. In the background,our song still plays since last night..."this is how you'll know that my love is still strong..." right. It's repeating since last night,it helps. See? Disorder is so comfortable when you need it.
Now I left myself.

joi, 13 august 2009

Moment poetic intr-o dup-amiaza de 13.

Azi am ramas fara speranta
Si-o lacrima incet s-a scurs
de pe obraz,pe gat a curs,
Si s-a sfarsit intr-o romanta.

Totul se intampla ieri,
Simtirea ne dadea puteri,
Si ne-ajuta sa tesem vise pe tavan,
Vise pierdute in nean.

Acum piesa s-a terminat.
La fel ca si povestea noastra
Un el si o ea ce au jucat
O dragoste pura si casta.

Am sa scot din buzunar 3 vise
Unul de uitare,de plecare
Unul de fericire,iar altul prea ridicol.

Eu azi incep un nou capitol!

[fallen out of love ^^ ]

duminică, 9 august 2009

My first english poem...

...that was written in those days I could approve I do love. Now,they're just some words,spread in some lines so everything would rhyme...

The truth still streams on my lips
Kissing the lie,touching its hips...
The same 3 words which made me sin
Carry the guilt from which I begin.

He held me close and kept me high,
Touched my fingers with the sky,
Ate my soul and let me dry,
Cold and and trapped within a die.

If you could feel at least today
Feel his embrace from far away
To feel his heart mealt in my eyes
Just feel it here,without no lies...

Bring me the light,give me your heart
Take it away,tear it apart
Show me regret,that's what i need
I just wanna cure him in and within.

[<\3 Because I'm broken when I'm lonesome ]

Temporar abandon...

Mi-am abandonat putin blogul cu scuza ca e vara...si am facut o multime de tampenii. 

Insa voi incerca sa trec peste. Cea mai mare tampenie de vara asta? M-am indragostit.Si regret desi el ma iubea.

Asta este. Sunt o scriitoare,simt ca sa pot scrie,si imi sterg sentimentele precum cuvintele.

[Nu se poate susţine stupiditatea că nu există cauze şi adevăruri care să merite să te pasionezi pentru ele, că totul e relativ şi indiferent, în raport cu... eternitatea. C.P.]