duminică, 9 august 2009

My first english poem...

...that was written in those days I could approve I do love. Now,they're just some words,spread in some lines so everything would rhyme...

The truth still streams on my lips
Kissing the lie,touching its hips...
The same 3 words which made me sin
Carry the guilt from which I begin.

He held me close and kept me high,
Touched my fingers with the sky,
Ate my soul and let me dry,
Cold and and trapped within a die.

If you could feel at least today
Feel his embrace from far away
To feel his heart mealt in my eyes
Just feel it here,without no lies...

Bring me the light,give me your heart
Take it away,tear it apart
Show me regret,that's what i need
I just wanna cure him in and within.

[<\3 Because I'm broken when I'm lonesome ]

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